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Testimonials from my beautiful customers

"I chose Krystal to be my photographer for my mummy daughter photo shoot, and it was the best photography Experience to date. I have hired many photographers for weddings, christenings and birthdays and have never felt more comfortable or calm during the process. Krystal helped to direct me and my daughter, while also capturing raw and beautiful moments. You always have an idea in your mind with the outcome you desire and so rarely do you actually obtain that

Krystal helped me to relax and enjoy the whole experience with my little girl and because of that I now have the most beautiful memories captured forever

Krystal has an incredible artistic vision and makes every job truly unique

She made this an effortless and amazing experience and will make sure she is the one to capture every other important moment in my families lives"

Lucy Morello, 2019

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Satchwell Family-105.jpg

"Krystal is an exceptionally talented photographer! With a flair for composition, eye for detail and the ability to genuinely connect with her clients, she is able to capture the true heart and soul of her subjects.


From beginning to end, Krystal made me and my family feel comfortable and at ease. Through her warmth and professionalism, she was able to guide us through our shared vision effortlessly and make it a truly memorable experience.


Krystal is also fantastic with children which, when it came to wrangling our overexcited and overtired 3 year old was a god send! She will not only capture your family’s most special moments but also take the time to understand what you genuinely want to achieve and make the whole session fun and seamless.


We were delighted with our photos and I couldn’t recommend Krystal highly enough!‘"

Luana Satchwell, 2019

"Can’t thank Krystal enough for her amazing work


Her client wardrobe made it effortlessly easy for us and her range of beautiful garments that you will fall in love with!


She made me feel calm as she interacted so well with my son while shooting him, and we had such a laugh


No doubt she will be taking more memories of our family for a very long time! "

Berna Lasoski, 2019

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